Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hockey Night, Eh?

Alex loves hockey. He was so excited about watching the Dallas Stars, he had to suit up. Stormy is also a hockey fan. His favorite team is the Phighting Pheasants.

Spring Weather

The Oklahoma weather is in full force this spring. Here are some pictures from a hail/thunder/rain storm that hit the other night. Pretty impressive winds and thunder even for an Oklahoma gal!

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

Alex turned the big 5-0 last month, so I decided to give him a racing birthday party. We went to an indoor go cart track for a wild time of racing and of course plenty of cake. We had a great time. Aaron won first place, Alex second, and Dad third. John and Aaron were battling at the end, but John lost control and hit the wall (almost taking Alex out) and so ended up fourth. Such is life. Unfortunately, I was too busy to take pictures so the below pics (except for Alex in the cart) were taken by Carson. Hopefully John will send me the rest of the birthday pics he took soon (hint hint).

Alex "Smoke" L'Heureux

The delicious racing cake. The icing dyed everyone's teeth green and black. Awesome.

A few party goers; Liz, Mario and Brent G. Iceman and T2 look on.

Everyone made posters for Alex with pictures of him from ages past. They turned out really good! Joshy peaks out from behind Laura anxiously awaiting the time when he can eat cake.

The Boys.