Monday, November 30, 2009

Second Cereal

I can't believe Genevieve is old enough for cereal already! But here we are. Here are some pics from her 2nd cereal feeding. We forgot to document the first cereal which she partook of on Thanksgiving Day. Grandma fed her the first feeding and daddy and sister did the honors for the second go round. She has done really well with it and seams to enjoy being fed. She is such a lounge lizard. Anything that involves lounging around while someone pampers her is ok with her.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was extra fun this year. For some reason my sister, who was supposed to be documenting the day for me while I was busy in the kitchen, only took these 3 pics, mainly of Rachel holding babies huh... Anyway, we had a full house with Laura and Sam and their friend Miles (AKA Mile) staying with us for a few days and we had the whole family over for Turkey dinner. 14 people in all not counting kids. We set up the Wii in the back bedroom, so Josh and Carson set up shop back there for most of the day except when we went to play football after lunch. Genevieve enjoyed the company of so many guests and meeting her cousin Julianne. Tami got some great pics of that meeting, so hopefully I can post them later. She was tuckered out at the end of the day and fell asleep on sister Rachel. She loves her sissies! And all of the family. Overall, a really great day even though Texas didn't lose as hoped. There is still time!