Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Reunion '08

Well, it's that time of year again to make the trek to The Fin and Feather to congregate with extended family, catch up with cousins, play dominoes late into the night and drink plenty of adult beverages. Alex made the trip with me this year, and decided to mix it up a bit by renting an RV. It was pretty sweet. So, we rolled to the middle of nowhere OK in 100 degree weather in the Dutchman. Laura and Sam rode along, and of course, the dogs. There were good times had by all, and some boat times that won't soon be forgotten.

Alex, captain of the Dutchman.

Laura stretching out on the Dutchman's couch getting in some reading time.

Lick attack!

Sam works on his paper.

The Dutchman's abnormally large mirrors.

Hoarsin' around with Carson.

Josh hamming it up with an empty adult beverage bottle.


Da boys.

Little William Stuart. Even he was perspiring!

Hangin' out at the pool--from left, Cheryl, Bob, and half of Fred. (The guy in the background isn't one of ours)

Cousin Daria.

Worn out Stormy and Phez on the way home. Storm had no problem making himself at home on the Dutchman couch.

Ah, California

Alex and I whisked away to Del Mar, California last weekend for a meeting. Actually, Alex attended meetings and I lounged by the pool (pictured below) and went to the spa. The weather was 80 during the day and 75ish at night. Dreamy. Everytime I am in California, I think "I'm not ready to leave, this is the good life." But alas, come back we did to sweltering 100 degree temperatures. Sigh. On the up side I did get to see Sandy and Nate and get to know some great girls and gained some valuable beauty tips. (Thanks to Emily and Jeramie). I also had the pleasure to reconnect with some old friends who, as fate would have it, sat right behind us on the plane! Good times. Zach even entertained us with an in flight dramatization of the flight attendant's shpeel, pointing to exits, demonstrating oxygen masks etc... Good times. As always, I am looking forward to my next California experience whenever that may be.

Poolside at the hotel.

Large palm.

Our pink hotel.

Me and Sandy (above) and Lori and Zach Bice (below).