Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Belly 17 Weeks!

Ok, so as most of you know I am with child, and the babe is due July 1st. Here is the first installment of baby belly pictures. Just a beer belly really at this point. We find out what it is in 6 days, so I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ski Trip '09

We went to Breckenridge again this year to the ole' cabin. I wasn't able to snowboard this year due to the upcoming baby, but Alex and Rachel went several days and had a great time. I did cross country ski for the first time which was really fun, and the weather was mostly nice. Overall a good time!

Quandry peak on a beautiful, clear morning.

And a not so clear morning...

Alex enjoying the night snowshoeing trip. The moon was so bright it was almost like daylight. So beautiful. Back on the mountain you can see the lights on the cats grooming the slopes.

Mom's awkward snow angel. She was like a wet cat in the cold snow.

Angel print.


City glow.

Group shot taken by Tom the snowshoe guide.