Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey you...Drunky

Well, we are getting used to having a new little one around. I guess that's a good thing since she's not going anywhere anytime soon! I am really enjoying being a mom. At first I was a little overwhelmed by the lack of sleep and structuring my entire being around her feeding times, but I am learning to get things done around the house and try to stay up on my sleep. I think I am getting off easy this first go round because she rarely cries or fusses and is a really textbook baby. I am thankful for that, and am glad God doesen't give us too much on our plate at one time. I am also really spoiled to have Alex helping me. He has changed a million more diapers than I have and is always willing to watch her, or hold her or whatever needs to be done so I can
lead a somewhat normal life! What a blessing he is:)
I haven't taken too many pictures recently of little G. Mostly because she does the same things over and over right now and the pictures are all the same. But, we are getting to know her a little bit better. She is a so-so eater, but is a champion sleeper which is not always a good combo for mom's nerves. I'm always worrying if she is eating enough which is a down side to breast feeding. She loves to make faces which crack us up. She wrinkles her brow and squints her eyes and, my favorite, when she purses her lips into a little fish mouth. We call it baby fish mouth after the When Harry Met Sally pictionary scene. We have yet to get a picture of it, but when we do it will go straight on here. She looks hilarious. She also always poops when she eats which makes it difficult for her because she can't swallow and push at the same time and usually ends up kind of fussing, popping on and off the nipple, spitting up and pooping all at once. I keep telling her it would be much easier if she would just do her pooping at another time, but I don't think she has much control over that at this time in her little life. A burp rag is a must, but I really am glad she didn't get my GI tract. At least she is regular! But overall she is a really good kid. I am enjoying and saving up all the snuggles I can get at this time and savoring every minute of it. Then if she is bratty one day in her teens I can think back to what a sweet baby she was. I know she will be all grown up before I know what happened. Below are a few pictures of what we call "milk drunk". This is the state she goes into after eating when she has a belly full of milk. Or when she just passes out in the middle of eating without a full belly and I have to prod her continuously to get her to keep eating, but I digress. She is a cutie pie!

Passed out.

And a lovely early morning shot of me, thanks Alex.

So...sleepy...can't keep my eyes open...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Settling In

Well, we are settling into a routine here at home with baby. Eat, sleep and feed are the main activities on my agenda these days. Genevieve is the sweetest baby. She rarely cries, I have to wake her up every 3 hours to eat and she is rarely fussy. Overall, a pretty happy baby as long as she has a full belly:) We are really enjoying our time with her and find more things to love about her every day. This morning I woke up with a 101.6 temp and a few hours later it was up to 104. I felt absolutely terrible. The doctor thought it might be mastitis and called in some medicine. Thankfully I am feeling better now and my temp is normal. As long as Vivi stays healthy we are good!

Storm wasn't sure what to think about the new little "puppy" in the house. He was very curious about her, but now I think is just mostly put out he can't get on the bed as much anymore.

Hazy is quite motherly with her. She gets very worried when Genevieve makes any kind of noises and runs over to see what we are doing to her.

First bath, and not happy about it!

Ah, that feels so much better.

Bath take 2. We decided to change venue of the bath to outside on the back porch because the 100 degree weather feels much better to her than the chilly air conditioning. Success! She really liked it!

Her signiture frown and crinkled brow.

Pink burrito sleeping attire.

So cute!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Genevieve Simone

Well, finally here are some pictures of our sweet little Genevieve. She was born July 2 at 8:29 am weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 and 1/2 inches long. She has a very healthy head of dark hair with blond at the roots and we just love every inch of her! So far she has been right on track with everything and my milk came in today (day 3), so hopefully she'll start gaining some weight over the next week. We came back home today and my mom and dad and sister are here helping which is such a blessing. Alex has been such a help thinking of every detail for my comfort and working tirelessly. I am so blessed to have such a dear, sweet husband and he is a wonderful father to boot! I will try to post more pics as we go along, but so far we are still trying to catch up on sleep as you might imagine. Enjoy the pics!

Alex and Dinah plus 1.

Baby Vivi fresh from her bath. I love that hair!!

Glow worm.

Snuggling with Aunt Laura.

Proud papa horned frog with his baby horned frog:)

Go Frogs!

Swaddled. She is a master at getting a little hand out. She loves to have one by her face at all times.

Some little pics from the hospital photographer. Go to to find these if you want to order some for yourself!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Final Belly Pics

Well everyone, here is the final product. We've come a long way! Headed to the hospital in the morning to FINALLY meet our new little one! Stay tuned for baby pictures tomorrow!