Saturday, June 20, 2009


We finally got to finish the nursery. Steve did a great job, it is so beautiful and cozy! The painting in the doorway turned out great, and the bedding and chair is so perfect. Now all we need is Genevieve! Come on out little girl!

Walking in...

Crib and rug.

Doorway painting, french scene.

Small set of baskets.

Crib bedding and bunnies.

Comfy chair and ottoman.

Changing table and drawers, doggy picture on shelf above.

Christening gown and cap (present from Steve)

Window dressing and window seat with stuffed animals.

Standing by the crib looking back toward the door.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tennis Shower

My sweet tennis girls threw me and Genevieve a little party at Kickingbird Tennis Center. It was so good to see everyone, and made me anxious to get back playing! As usual the girls represented with TONS of delicious food and gourmet cupcakes. What more can a prego girl ask for?


Cute decor.


Hot men cup decor courtesy of Shannon:)

Top: Ramona, Michelle, Cindy, Shannon, Amy
Bottom: Me, Jo, Debbie and Christine
You guys are the best!

Mini marshmallows!

A moose toy for Vivi, so cute!