Tuesday, July 22, 2008

There's No Swimmin' in My Show

Joshy smiling for the camera after I jumped in to save him from drowning. Hence the flip flops in the shot.

Joshy and Papa.

Carnival tricks.


And being fished out again.

Joshy and I self portrait with Aaron in the background.

New Shower

Alex got a new shower in his house, partly for aesthetic purposes, and partly to keep in the warmth. I think it looks great! Way better than before.


New Stuart Crib

Went to visit the bro and family in Tulsa. They have a beautiful new house in a great neighborhood. Here are a few pics.

Great tree out front.

Cute front porch.

Nice big living room.

Carson told me his favorite thing about the new house is that it has a "real nice hall for puttin"

Josh and Carson's room.

Music sitting area.

The teeth brushing room.

Carson hanging out in the playroom.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rafting the Arkansas

We rafted the Arkansas while in Colorado. Unfortunately, the Royal Gorge was closed due to heavy run-off of water from the hefty snowfall this past winter, so we had to settle for a class 3 rapid. Kinda lame, but still fun.

Wetsuits are hot.

We had to pull our boat over because we passed some carnage from a boat in front of us that tipped over. Our guide ran down the bank and helped some people out of the river. We hung out and got rained on, awesome.

Storm rolling in.

Bleak waters.

Colorado 4th of July

We drove to Colorado for 4th of July and stayed at the Broadmoor. We had a fantastic time, and the weather was beautiful. Enjoy the pics!

West Texas skies.

The trusty captain of Frog Inc.

Broadmoor scenery (pay no attention to the unsightly lightpole).

Pauline Chapel, the site of the Stuart/L'Heureux wedding in the fall.

Mountain view.

Lake view.

4th of July rainbow.

Festive lightpole.

Alex waiting for fireworks and enjoying the cool weather.

4th of July revelers.

We played tennis Saturday morning and had a great time. It was a bit hot and the altitude was quite noticable, but the scenery is hard to beat!

Studly tennis player.


Alex and I took a trip to Colorado Springs for 4th of July and went through Amarillo on the way. Below are some pictures of some familiar places and faces.

Alex with his Aunt Helen and Uncle Bud. They treated us to a wonderful breakfast Wednesday morning before we hit the road.

Alex's little house where he grew up.

Alex and sister Mary.

Mary's house.

Mary's smiley dog Bailey.

Alex's Jr. High School, go Fannin Panthers!