Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Photoshoot with Daddy

Here are some pics from a photoshoot Alex had when Genevieve was about 9 days old. These are some of my favorites. What a handsome daddy and a sweet little girl!

Newby Pics

Here are some professional pictures we had made when she was 6 days old. The photographer came to the house and spent a few hours getting some great shots. Enjoy!

Monday, August 10, 2009


This is Morty the Moose her favorite toy right now. He is from Quebec, Canada and likes to sing New York New York and dance. She thinks he's pretty funny sometimes.

Cutest baby ever!

This is almost like baby fish mouth, but not quite. It is a pretty funny one though!

Miss squinchy face.

Giving the gangster chin to daddy, what up?


So here's our little princess. We have started giving her a bath and feeding her really well right before we put her down for the night so hopefully she will sleep for a long time and we can too! For some reason she is always really awake between 12 and 2 am and then when we put her down in her bed she fights sleep like crazy. Well tonight at her bath Alex was pouring water over her and she was just lounging and relaxing in her tub so quietly. She probably took at least a 20 minute bath, but we were laughing because it was like she was at a spa having servants pour water over her. You! Draw my bath. You! Make me some earl gray. You! Fight to the death! Sorry family guy quotes snuck in here somehow?!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Shots

Several people have requested some new pictures of Genevieve so here are a few that we have taken over the last week or so. We are continuing to do well and she is getting into a somewhat predictable schedule. Looking back at some pictures from a month ago, I can't believe how much she has grown and how different she looks! What a sweet little girl:)

Sleeping on mama in her ladybug outfit passed down from cousin Julianne.

Passed out on dad.

Smiling while napping on the boppy.

Arrrg maties...

Wide awake, probably at 1 am. She's a night owl like her daddy. Check out that milk belly! The newborn diapers barely fit her now!

Daddy Did My Hair

Alex got ahold of Genevieve after her bath the other day and decided to give her a faux hawk. Here are the results. Aww, poor baby, but I think Alex had fun!

Seriously daddy? A faux hawk?

The hairstyle obviously didn't put a kink in her sleep schedule.

Gangsta baby.