Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend was a time for family fun and enjoying the beautiful weather. Saturday Aaron and the kids came over and we had a massive egg hunt and a cookout. Carson said next year we shouldn't hide so many eggs. I think he is going soft on us because he actually had to look for the eggs! Josh ran around asking to play "da wii" every 5 minutes, and asking for band aids while trying to convince someone there was blood on his foot where he "injured" it. On Sunday, the fam cam over again for a delicious lamb dinner and a family walk afterwards. Overall, a great time of family and reflecting on the resurrection. Praise the Lord!

Papa pushing Genevieve in the stroller on an Easter walk.

She loves to go on walks!

Genevieve clapping, her new favorite thing.

Look at that piece of grass!

Grabbing Grandma's shoe.

My sweet little Easter princess:)

Yum, a baseball, I'll just see how this tastes.

Getting some sissy lovin'.

Grandma time on Saturday in a new cherry outfit.

Aren't I cute?

Saturday morning watching Einstein with momma.

I love to have my head rubbed. Mom sure does love the snuggles!

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex's birthday involved multiple celebrations this year. It kicked off Wednesday with a family party and a delicious cake from Rasberries and Cream. Then, on his actual birthday, Thursday, Aaron stopped by on his way down to a business meeting in Dallas and we ate Nunu's, one of Alex's favorites. Then, Friday night we went to the Ranch to celebrate with Shonn, Danelle, Tommy, and Anne. Then, finally, on Tuesday, Alex's sisters came over and we had a wonderful family dinner and presents. Overall, a great birthday week. Happy birthday sweetie!

Mmmm, a delicious cake all for me.

The birthday boys.

Birthday smooch!

Da boys.

Alex opening the largest present ever from his sisters! It was wrapped so beautifully too:) Genevieve was all ready to help.

Don't worry dad, I'll get that paper for you!

Hey, who put me in this box?

My little chubby cheek angel!

Seriously mom, get me outta here!

And on to her favorite time of the day, bath time. Aunt Mary did a great job with the bedtime routine!

Finishing the evening with story time with Aunt Mary.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cousins Take 2

Today Genevieve and I headed to Norman to my Uncle Fred's house. It was time for her to meet some of her many Stuart cousins! Some of them from Norman, and some were in town from Phoenix, AZ. As usual, I didn't take very many pics and none of Genevieve! What was I thinking! But, it is a little hard to wrangle her around and take pictures at the same time. So here are a few that I took, and hopefully I can get some other ones from John including a super cute one of all the kids! Can't wait to see that one. I am so thankful for a large family and so many great cousins. Looking forward to the reunion this summer!

Joshy climbing in the backyard. Despite his broken arm he still managed to be very active today. This was a rare moment when he wasn't knocking his head on something or falling down. Can't slow this little guy down!

Joshy, Lydia, and Melena.

Melena and Daria.

"The Twins" Lydia and Melena.

And Carson making an appearance! He and the cousins always enjoy crawling in and out of the basement. It never fails to be a crowd pleaser!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Best buds:)

G: Hey girl, how are you doing? I love your outfit.

J: Thanks, but check out this gut, I know what my New Years resolution will be.

G: Whatever girl! You are hot, don't even go there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Baby

Here are a few pictures from a walk we took around the neighborhood in Colorado where our cabin is. We carried Genevieve and she loved the cool air and watching the dogs run around. She looked so cute in her snow bunny outfit!

Baby snow angel.

Off roading with daddy and the dogs.

Family pic!

And take 2.

Christmas Morning!

Meg and Rach came over Christmas Eve and spent the night. We had such a fun time watching Scrooged, the Razor's Edge, and hanging out. The next morning we took Genevieve in and woke them up. It was so funny, she loved it! Can't believe she'll be walking next Christmas!

God Bless Us Every One!

Wake up Sissy!

Sister kisses.

Surprise, it's me!


Ski Trip 2010

Well, as usual, the year was kicked off with our annual family ski trip. This year was especially fun because pretty much everyone got to come plus a few extras and we had a very full house which always makes for good times. Carson and Josh went to ski school one day and Aaron took them up another day for a few hours. Josh learned to snowboard and is a maniac as to be expected. Straight down the mountain, CRASH, fuss, 15 minutes to get him going again, repeat. Carson was very good at skiing and got to go in a more advanced class. Genevieve was sick at the beginning of the week but perked up and really enjoyed all of the activity. Here are some pics from the week. John took some good ones too so I will try to get more from him.

Here is my pink snuggie. Alex and Rachel picked it out for me and it got plenty of use this week!

Here we are at a Pinot Noir wine tasting in town. Mmm, delicious.

Excellent!!! This is such a Joshy face.

Rachel and Genevieve getting some light reading done.

Me on the mountain waiting to meet up with our group.

Cross country skiing with little G in the sled. She immediately passed out and took a nice little nap, and I got a great workout!

Me and Rachel getting ready to hit the mountain. Some dude in the parking lot took the picture and got his big ole finger in the picture. This was the cropped version.

Lots of pool was played at the cabin in the evenings. Here are Sam and Alex pausing for a sad frog picture. What a dismal game, blah.

Carson and Josh in jammies playing a little pool before bed. One had to be on alert around Joshy swinging that stick around everywhere.

Jammie pic! Joshy was barely awake at this point after a long day of skiing and sledding. It is not easy to wear him out!